How do I get in touch with you.

We always love to hear from our crafty friends.  You can shoot us an e-mail at atsmcraft@gmail.com or give us a call 8-5 Mon-Fri est at 1-888-722-2876.


What temperature do I use for the Heat Transfer Vinyl?


We know that different heat presses are all going to work a little differently but for smaller presses (like a Cricut Easy Press) we recommend 320 degress for 25-40 second.  



What is your material?

The majority of our material is pressure sensitive/ self adhesive, which means you don't need any heat to stick down the materials.  We do offer a number of Heat Transfer Vinyl's for textiles.


What can your vinyl be put on?

Our HTV is designed for clothing and other similar items.  Our pressure sensitive/ self adhesive materials can be put on almost any smooth, clean surface.  Car windows and tumblers are always popular choices. 


 Is your material 651 or Siser? 

All of our material is Styletech vinyl by Tape Technologies.  The Styletech gloss vinyl is similar to 651 and Siser Easyweed but is an outdoor grade film and has a stronger adhesive.  All of the other films that we offer are unique to Styletech.  Some of the films may resemble 651 or Siser's products but Styletech has been making their PSV film for a lot longer.


Is your material permanent?

Yes.  All of our material is permanent except our Matte Removable film which can be applied and then removed up to 18 months later with no issues. 


What machines will your material work on?

Styletech material can be cut on any at home craft/hobby plotter (Silhouette, Cameo, Cricut, Brother etc).  You can also use paper punches, and die cuts like a Big shot to get the exact design you want.  Our material can also be used on any industrial plotting machine like what is used in professional sign shops.


Is your material waterproof?

In a word yes.  Our HTV holds up as well as any other HTV on the market through normal washing.  Our PSV (sticky vinyl) is waterproof once it's had a chance to cure onto it's new home which takes about 72 hours.  After that you can wash it, leave it outside or anything like that without many concerns.  We do recommend hand washing our material vs a dish washer.  This is because of the heat a dish washer generates though, not the water itself.


Is your material printable?

Yes and no.  Many people have printed on our material using a digital printer with solvent or eco-solvent inks.  Our material isn't able to be printed on with a typical at home desktop printer (laser or inkjet)


 Are your sheets exactly the sizes that you list?

Almost all of our sheets are exactly what they are listed at.  But since no one is perfect we do allow for up to 1/4" over or under.