Who we are

All The Specialty Materials

Once upon a time we started a vinyl supply company for the traffic and sign market.  Our name A.T.S.M. stands for American Traffic Safety Materials and over the past 20+ years we've had great success in those industries but they're mature and honestly aren't very fun.

So one day we were talking with one of our suppliers and started discussing the craft industry.  It was something that we'd never really looked at before but decided to give it a try.  It didn't take long for us to realize that all of you crafty people are much more fun than the sign and traffic people.  We still have our roots in the sign and traffic world but now we have A.T.S.M. Craft too and A.T.S.M. on the this side of the office means All the Specialty Materials.

And we do have all of the specialty materials.  We have more glitter, shimmer, shine, and gloss than probably anyone else in the entire Southeast maybe even the country.