Installation & Care Recommendations

Here are a few recommendations for the best way to install and to care of the pressure sensitive material that we have.

1) Always make sure that the surface that the vinyl is being applied to is smooth and clean.  Be sure that there isn't any residue from cleaning too.

2) Make sure the the surface that the material's being installed on is about room temperature if possible.  

3) We always recommend that our vinyl is installed on a vertical surface.  The material will stick horizontally but is exposed to a lot more abuse (UV exposure, abrasion, etc.) which can cause problems.

4) Try to avoid putting the material on something that is going to get excessively hot or cold regularly and/or for extended periods of time.

5) When in doubt do a little test first to see how the material sticks to the surface you want to install it on.

6) Wait about 72 hours after installing the vinyl before you wash it.  This gives the adhesive time to cure and create a strong bond.

7) If something needs to be washed we always recommend hand washing it.  Most material will survive a few trips in the dishwasher but the heat breaks down the adhesive and can shorten the life of the graphic.


Heat Transfer Vinyl installation recommendations

We know that all heat presses are going to handle differently but we recommend for smaller presses (like the Cricut Easy Press) using a temperature of 320 degrees and press for 25-40 seconds.